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The Most Powerful Thing Jesus Ever Commanded Us to Do...

Love your enemies.

Matthew 5:44 (NJV)

44 But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you,

It's laughable by the world's standards.

Even most present-day Christians would most likely agree that loving your enemies is great in theory at best, but is not really viable in this world on a day-to day-basis.

Somewhere along the way, probably at the very beginning of humanity, when Cain murdered Abel, Satan convinced this world that command by God, to love your enemies, is outdated and unrealistic.

Satan is very aware of the power of what happens when we love our enemies.

13 things that happen when we love our enemies as commanded by God: (I was sent these through a great blogpost "The Most Revolutionary World-Changing Thing Jesus Ever Said.")

1. God is honored.

2. Jesus is pleased.

3. The Holy Spirit is able to use our actions to accomplish His will.

4.The devil is infuriated. You are not playing by the rules.

5. The enemy–those who did the bad things to you–are puzzled. They fully expected you to retaliate and do unto them as they had done to you.

6. The critics of the church are silenced. They were all prepared to watch you respond to the bad guy with evil deeds of your own, which they would use against you. But instead, you do loving things and they don’t know what to do.

7. The church itself is blessed.

8. Christians going through hard times see your behavior and are inspired to do the same.

9. Outsiders are drawn to Jesus.

10. Finally, they see someone doing the same kind of things He did!

11. You yourself are blessed.

12. Your anger goes away.

13. And according to Luke 6:35, your reward in Heaven is great.

Give God the Opportunity to Deal with Your Enemies

You lose when you retaliate. Satan is counting on you to retaliate. When you don't retaliate and you keep your peace, you give God the opportunity to deal with your enemies. He will! He is ALL powerful! Don't wish them harm though...that defeats the purpose. Go for the save every time by giving them to God. That's a true champion in Christ.


Start experimenting with this! It is a tough discipline to grasp, but the immediate rewards and eternal rewards are great.

(Satan will immediately send plenty of enemies in to test you....accept the challenge, keep practicing giving them to God, doing as He says to do in His word, keeping your peace. Your frustration level will diminish the more you do this. Don't focus on them...focus on God. Pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ, each time giving them to God.

Always pray "in the name of Jesus Christ." That's where all of the power comes from. You don't have the power to do this in your fleshly being, but through Christ, you do.

Letting Go

When you are able to keep your peace, truly let go of them and their actions, each time giving the situation to God, doing as He says, praying for them, blessing them, etc. you will be amazed at how much power this actually gives you.

The more you understand that you already have the victory through Jesus Christ, the easier this is.

Watch what God does when He sees you doing this!

Unlimited Power

Once you get better at this and see the true power it gives will understand the value of doing this. It's unlimited. When you react though in frustration, you are giving all of your power and strength away.

Aligning with God's Word

Being in God's will and experiencing the peace of God which surpasses all understanding, is the most powerful spiritual state of being in existence. The more aligned you are with God's word, the more powerful that peaceful feeling will be.

You keep your calm, set a much better example as a Christian, and allow Almighty God to deal with your enemies.


It's a win/win/win situation when you love your enemies. You win. God wins. Everyone wins. You are keeping that good spiritual connection alive which has a divine impact on the rest of your interactions with everyone else. You're not in a negative state. They can't take that away when you have that spirit.

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