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Learn how to turn your body into a fat burning machine!
When you eliminate sugar from your diet and significantly reduce carbs, protein, and don't overeat the healthy fats, you will most likely burn fat and lose excess weight if you are eating the same amount of calories or creating a caloric deficit and exercising.
Without carbs or sugar, your body will start running on ketones for energy, which are considered a premium energy source.
Some of the keto foods:  healthy fats, grass-fed-finished, pasture raised-non-grain fed-gluten free-soy free beef, chicken, wild caught fish, pork, bacon, eggs, cheese, milk, nuts, seeds, some types of berries, dark leafy greens, and cruciferous vegetables.
What about the grains like breads and pastas? What about desserts? Where are you going to get this newfound energy source?
You can find tons of keto substitutes for your favorite grains, pastas, and desserts. For starters, you can go to youtube right now and do a search for "Keto _____" and find just about any substitute for any of your favorite foods.  Keto bread, keto pasta, keto lasagna, keto pizza, keto cookies, keto brownies, ice cream, cakes, shakes etc. 
When you start incorporating these "keto" meals with very low to no sugar, you will force your body to start producing ketones for energy. 
Your body is going to start relying on the healthy fats for energy.  As you eat more and more of these keto meals, you will become less dependent on carbs for energy. 
You will then require less of the keto meals;  you'll be less hungry, because first, these keto meals are highly satiating; you're not in a constant state of hunger! 
Secondly, your body is going to start burning your stored body fat for energy, because you will be transitioning to a "fat adapted state."
Once your body is fat-adapted, you will have a more constant, consistent energy source. You'll have less cravings; instead of reaching for a sugary snack,  you'll train yourself to allow your body to burn your body fat for that energy.
An easy way to do this is limit the proteins and combine with greens and some healthy fats, then add healthy fats in the form of "keto fat bombs," to reach your macronutrient ratio goal of 75% fats.
75% of your calories on this diet will come from healthy fats.  This doesn't mean that 75% of what you eat will be healthy fats, but 75% of your calories
There are hundreds of healthy keto variations of all your favorite foods and recipes available online and on youtube, including gluten free, soy free, organic, grass fed, farm raised, non-grain fed, non-gmo, etc. and just about every one of them tastes great.
The key is 0 sugar, ultra low carbs (net 40 per day), and organic, no chemicals. 
This is a great transition diet to use if you want to break the toxic sugar/carb habit; it's better than the regular processed food diet.
The Ultimate Healthy Diet
I believe the ultimate healthy diet is based on organic whole foods;  Organic Dark leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, fruits, nuts, some fish, and seeds. 
Read The China Study.
Keto may be a good transition diet to get to a primarily green diet. 
I personally would never completely eliminate animal proteins;   instead,  eat them occasionally
I don't think consuming a lot of animal proteins everyday is good for you, even if it is grass fed-finished. 
I do believe Keto is better for you than conventional high protein diets combined with sugar and carbs. With Keto, you are limiting  your protein intake and significantly reducing the carbs and sugar.
Reducing Sugars
On Keto, you will learn how to reduce the carbs and sugars substantially, by using keto friendly organic sugar substitutes like stevia, erythritol, and monk fruit.
Transitioning from Keto to a "Greens" Diet
Once you've learned how to do Keto, transitioning to a green, organic, whole foods based diet, or even raw vegan, is much easier. 
The mistake you see a lot of "raw vegans" make is juicing a lot of fruits.  For some people that might work, but realistically it's converting into sugar.  You want to instead, blend and/or juice the greens primarily and add limited quantities of fruits, nuts, and seeds.
Moderation is key.
***The Keto is a great diet for fat loss and better health in general, but it is NOT suitable for everyone.  This diet may not be suitable for you.

This is not medical advice.  Check with your physician first, before trying this diet.  I am not a nutritionist, dietician, trainer, or medical professional.***